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We strive to provide accurate, non-partisan information about Healthcare Legislation, including the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and how it will impact you and your life. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and how it will impact you.  We want you to Become Your Own Affordable Healthcare Advocate!!!  Please Join Our Movement!

 How the Organization Came to Be

After the legislation was passed, as a business owner in the healthcare field, I wanted to do what was best for my customers and my employees.  I wanted to know, I needed to know, what to do to comply with regulations imposed under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("PPACA").   There was a lot of speculation, but no one had  answers.  What answers people did provide seemed to be self-serving. 

I began to read the regulations and do research.  I read the PPACA cover to cover. What I found was that the unintended consequences of the PPACA could be devastating to my business, to my family, to the people in my community and to the average American.  It was entirely possible that  people could  be stripped of their ability to provide heallthcare for themselves and their family. 

At first, I was frightened.  Then I became angry.

When all was said and done I realized that some times you can't let things go.  Sometimes you have to speak up and sound the alarm.  AND, even more importantly, you have to be part of the solution.  If the solution does not exist you have to create one.  This is the moment and this is our time to stand up for ourselves and create a movement so that the dream of affordable healtcare for all can be realized.

 A More Detailed Description of My Journey

minda_wilson.pngWhen the legislature passed the PPACA, it intended was to cover all Americans and to make healthcare more affordable. While Congress and the President did succeed in expanding coverage and helping to prevent discrimination based on health factors and on economics, it is not likely that the affordability of such plans will be affected. How the legislative intent manifests itself will ultimately determine whether or not this legislation will achieve the goals it set.

As we know, the devil is in the details. It is the detailed implementation plans that will determine whether or not the legislative goals will be achieved. As the implementation details are revealed, we hope to inform you so that you can make informed decisions and protect yourself from potential pitfalls that may arise. This is our hope. For those issues that cannot simply be addressed by you alone, we hope you will join with us to help ensure that healthcare remains not only affordable, but accessible

I sought out advice from people that I would typically consult about insurance matters. I consulted brokers, HR consultants, and other informed people. No one could say for sure that was going to happen.

After reviewing the legislation and the Supreme Court decision that followed, it became clear to me that while the intent of the legislation was good, much of the infrastructure that was being established to support implementation was flawed. In addition, what individuals and corporations needed to do to comply with the legislation is still unclear.

Information provided by brokers and purveyors of services was typically biased and represented the economic interests of the organization presenting the information. They typically claim that buying their products would ensure compliance; while often the opposite might be not only be true but a less expensive alternative for the corporations, their employees, or even individuals looking into individual coverage who consulted with them.

Important information was not being presented at all, especially in areas impacted by the taxation of individual benefits and the rights and obligations of individuals to obtain insurance.

The failure to present an unbiased, consumer based, balanced point of view is the driving force behind the establishment of this venture.

Minda Wilson HeadshotMinda Wilson is an Affordable healthcare advocate.  

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By raising the minimum wage, eligibility for Medicade may be effected. 

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