The Big Picture

The Problem

With the adoption of Obamacare and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare landscape for everyone is being disrupted.  Insurance products being offered are changing.  Gone are the days when catastrophic coverage was available.  Essential Health Benefits are now included in every individual policy.  With the expansion of coverage, the cost of coverage has increased. 

People are letting their assumptions about health care get in the way of the facts.  You might assume you are covered under the following circumstances; but, generally you are not:

If you go for a colonoscopy, while the procedure itself is covered, the anesthesia is probably not.

Physical theraphy is now required to be covered.  However, most policies cover only 6 secessions.  So when you go to that 7th secession, you are responsible for the bill.

Birth control pills are supposed to be covered; in most states coverage is limited to generic brands.  If you have E-scrips of Medco as your insurer, you can only obtian covered prescriptions if they are delivered to your home; you cannot pick them up at your pharmach.

If you get a mammogram and a lump is found, the mammogram may no longer be considered preventative, but diagnostic.  If it is a diagnostic test, you are responsible for your payment.  If it is preventative, you are not.

The doctor who took your old insurance will often not take payment from your new policy, even if the policy is offered through the same insurance company. 

What People Want and Need to Know

You have to calculate your total cost of acquiring healthcare.  The total cost includes the cost of the policy + the cost of the deductible + the cost of any co-payments + the cost of any services or doctors you used that are not covered by your policy.

Limitations that the insurance companies are setting on reimbursements are not being taken into account by those who are taking advantage of the healthcare availability.    

Healthcare benefits will become taxable.

Planning for these increases in costs is crucial to receiving the healthcare you and your family deserve. 

Working with us to keep these costs under control will help to ensure that quality healthcare is available to you in the future.

Join us in working to make healthcare truly affordable.

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