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Before and After Obamacare

What will your tax liability look like before and after President Obama's Healthcare Reform Law?
  • before or after
    before or after
    Single: $20,000 / year
  • before or after
    before or afterSingle: $40,000 / year
  • before or after
    before or afterSingle: $60,000 / year
  • before or after
    before or afterSingle: $100,000 / year
  • before or after
    before or afterMarried: $20,000 / year
  • before or after
    before or afterMarried: $40,000 / year
  • before or after
    before or afterMarried: $60,000 / year
  • before or after
    before or afterMarried: $100,000 / year

Whether you agree or disagree, you need to educate yourself about healthcare.  We strive to provide accurate, unbiased, politically neutral informaton about Healthcare Legislation and how it will impact you. Armed with the proper information, you can to take full advantage of whatever benefits may be available to you and avoid higher healthcare costs. 

Mission Statement

We promise to provide unbiased politically neutral information about Healthcare Legislation, including the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and the consequences arising from legislative implementation.  We strive to raise awareness of opportunities for positive change that would result in improved healthcare offerings to people of all economic levels.

For Businesses:

Businesses trust us to provide them with information so they are prepared, compliant, and make economically rational decisions that will best benefit their business and, at the same time, allow them to provide optimal benefits for their employees.

For Individuals and Employees:

We help individuals and employees to comply with existing laws and to make rational economic decisions about their healthcare acquisition 

We inform them of their rights, responsibilities and offer decision making tools.

We offer educational services to teach them to provide proper care for themselves and their loved ones. 

For Media:

        We Provide unbiased information that to enable media sources to properly inform the public.



1) You can be taxed on health benefits you receive from your employer.
2) Your healthcare costs are expected to dramatically rise over the next 5 years.
3) There are no limits on what insurance companies can charge for benefits. 
4) Businesses are incentivized not to offer health insurance to their employees.
5) Benefits for those with Pre-Existing Conditions are not free; you will be charged more than someone who is basically healthy.
6) Since reimbursements are being cut to Doctors as much as 20%, the time you get to spend with your doctor will significantly be reduced.
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This country already generates enough wealth and resources to insure and protect its citizens without having to take from those who can least afford it. Become part of the affordable health care solution. Work with us to ensure healthcare becomes affordable and accessible for all Americans.

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